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Reference: Ozdín D., 2009-2022: Minerals of Slovakia.

New book Minerály Slovenska (=Minerals of Slovakia) 


The first complete publication about Slovak minerals. Book The book contains comprehensive information about Slovak minerals, their occurrence at localities, of mineral assemblages, knowledges of the history of Slovakian minerals, mineralogy, collectors, metallogeny etc. The authors Rudolf Ďuďa and Daniel Ozdín bring to 480 pages with ~ 550 pictures with the characteristics of more than 800 mineral species and more than 350 varieties and invalid names of Slovak minerals. The publication is distributed by Granite Publishing in Prague (link) and the authors.

Geological map of the Malé Karpaty Mts.


State Geological Institute of Dionýz Štúr in Bratislava published a new Geological map of the Malé Karpaty Mts. in the scale 1:50 000. Malé Karpaty Mts. is located in southwestern Slovakia on the border with Austria. Geologically mapped is area from Bratislava to Trstín. Geological map can be bought in a shop on the ground floor of the institute in Mlynská dolina 1 (price 6.30,- €).

Articles about Slovakian localities and minerals in the journals Minerál and Lapis in year 2010


List of articles about Slovakian minerals and localities in Czech journal Minerál (M) and German Lapis (L) in year 2010 (in parenthesis is number of journal).
Bačík P. & Uher P.: Occurencce of  rare silicate minerals with content of REE, V and Cr on locality Pezinok - Rybníček. (M5) (in Slovak)
Kúšik D.: Historical find of vivianite from Dobšiná. (M4) (in Slovak)
Orvošová M.: Mineralogical interests of caves around of Dobšiná. (M4) (in Slovak)
Ozdín D.: Minerals from Dobšiná in old collections and on old labels. (M5) (in Slovak)
Ozdín D. & Dojčanský Ľ.: Aragonites of Dobšiná deposits. (M4) (in Slovak)
Ozdín D. & Sečkár P.: Dobšinská ľadová jaskyňa - locality of  most beatiful slovakian conglomerates. (M4) (in Slovak)
Ozdín D. & Števko M.: Unique occurrence of agate in serpentinite peridotite in Dobšiná. (M4) (in Slovak)
Ozdín D. & Uher P.: Jacobsite at the Dobšinská ľadová jaskyňa - myth or reality?. (M4) (in Slovak)
Peterec D.: History of mining in Dobšiná. (M4) (in Slovak)
Sečkár P., Bancík T., Krupa M.: Silver minerals from Kremnica. (M4) (in Slovak)
Števko M., Bálintová T., Turecký L.: Euchroite-New find and rare copper minerals from Farbište at Poniky, Slovakia. (L6) (in German)
Števko M. & Turecký L.: Mineralogy of antimony mineralization on the locality Hlboká dolka at Dobšiná. (M4) (in Slovak)
Turecký L. & Števko M.: Nickel, cobalt and arsenic minerals in Dobšiná. (M4) (in Slovak)
Uher P.: Spinel - pleonast from the classic locality magnesium skarns in Úškrtová valley at the Hodruša-Hámre (Štiavnické vrchy Mts.). (M1) (in Slovak)
Uher P. & Novák M.: Gahnite ZnAl2O4 - typical spinel of granitic pegmatiesů. (M1) (in Czech)
Uher P. & Ozdín D.: Minerals of serpentinite quarry in Dobšiná. (M4) (in Slovak)

Exhibition: Copper and copper minerals  


At the Technical University Mining Academy in Freiberg in Germany is from 10 June 2010 to 30 June 2011 exhibition "Copper and copper minerals.

1st International MINDAT.ORG Conference


10th-17th July 2011 in Lower Silesian Lwowek Śląski (Poland) held on 1st International MINDAT.ORG Conference. This will include ongoing mineral show, excursions to 3 occurrences of agates in Pogórze Kaczawskie, pegmatites of the world famous locality in Strzegom and copper mine in the town Lubin, mineralogical slideshows with beer ("Madagascar trip", "Travelling through Peru", "What´s hot in minerals in 2010-2011" and "Collecting in the Kola Peninsula, Russia"), poster presentations, 4 workshops ("Photographing minerals - equipment, techniques" and "Photographing minerals - practical workshop" by world famous photographer of minerals Jeffrey Scovil and " workshop. Contributing, Editing, Improving the site" and " workshop - Advanced Techniques" by Joylon Ralph - author of the most extensive mineralogical site). As part of this grand event will also be "Big Party" with Polish collectors, live music in the city center and closing ceremony with fireworks. More information can be obtained at, e-mail: and the Polish telephone number +48-507 038 876.

Articles about Slovakian localities and minerals in journal Minerál in year 2009 


List of articles about Slovakian minerals and localities in Czech journal Minerál in year 2009 (in parenthesis is number of journal).
Peterec D.: History of mining in Rožňava. (5)
Ozdín D.: History of wolnyne from the locality "Betlér". (5)
Števko M., Bálintová T., Turecký L.: Mineralogy of Mária-baňa deposit. (5)
Števko M. & Bálintová T.: Mineralogy of Rožňava-baňa deposit. (5)
Peterec D. & Ďuďa R.: Manganese mineralization on the locality Čučma. (5)
Uher P. & Števko M.: Apatite-REE-uranium mineralization in Čučma at Rožňava. (5)
Ozdín D.: Stibnite deposit Čučma. (5)
Števko M.: New find of goethite in the deposit Mních at Rožňavské Bystré. (5)
Kyseľa J. S.: Beautiful Kvetnica at Poprad. (5)
Gramblička R.: Finally Ľubietová. (5)

Finds of meteorite (bolide) that was seen on 28. March 2010 in Eastern Slovakia!  


On 28. February of year 2010 (23:24 CET) was seen fall of meteorite near of Košice in Eastern Slovakia. 64 specimens was found up to now. Fragments of meteorite was found at the village Vyšný Klátov. Total weight of meteorites is so far 3.92 kg. Largest piece measure 11.8 cm and weigh 2.19 kg. According to last research is it ordinary chondrite (H5).
Slovakian links about meteorite at the Vyšný Klátov:

Articles about Slovakian localities and minerals in the Lapis


List of articles about Slovakian minerals and localities in German journal Lapis in year 2009.
Števko M., Bálintová T., Turecký L., 2010: Kermesit und Valentinit von Chyžné-Herichová bei Revúca, Slowakei. 34, 9, 37-39 a 62.

Articles about Slovakian localities and minerals in the Bulletin min.-petrolog. odd. Nár. muz. (Praha) No. 1/2009


List of articles about Slovakian minerals and localities in Czech journal Bulletin min.-petrolog. odd. NM (Praha) in year 2009, Vol. 17, No. 1.
Uher P., Malachovský P., Bačík P., Chudík P., Števko M.: Polykras-(Y), uránpolykras a Ti-Nb-Ta-Fe minerál v kremenných žilách a exokontaktných zónach gemerika, Slovenské rudohorie. 17, 1, 14-24.

Števko M., Ozdín D., Bačík P., Bálintová T.: Klebelsbergit Sb3+4O4(OH)2(SO4) z Au-Ag ložiska Kremnica, Slovenská republika. 17, 1, 25-28.
Ozdín D. & Sejkora J.: Andorit IV a andorit VI z Dúbravy v Nízkych Tatrách (Slovenská republika). 17, 1, 65-68.

Lost or steal of meteorite "Gross Divina"?


On April 2009 yet has lost (steal ?) of meteorite (chondrite) "Gross-Divina" probably in the post in Prag. Any informations about this one send please to this address. Size of meteorite is 28 x 21 x 11 mm and weight 6.5 gr. The finder will be well prizewinning! Colour photo this meteorite is on additional picture.

Exhibition "World of colour - minerals in detail"  


By the deadline 21. 9. - 9. 11. 2009 is in Mathematic-physical faculty of Charles University in Prag exhibition "World of colour  - minerals in detail". Author of exhibition is prominent present-day Czech mineralogist Jiří Sejkora. Exhibition is possible to see on strret "Ke Karlovu" N. 3, on the 1. floor.

Articles about Slovakian localities and minerals in the Bulletin min.-petrolog. odd. Nár. muz. (Praha) in year 2008 


List of articles about Slovakian minerals and localities in Czech journal Bulletin min.-petrolog. odd. NM (Praha) in year 2008 (in parenthesis is number of journal).
Michňová J., Ozdín D., Bačík P.: Fluid inclusion study and chemical composition of tourmaline fromhydrothermal Cu-bearing deposit Ľubietová. (1)
Števko M., Ozdín D., Bačík P., Pršek J., Gramblička R.: Secondary minerals from the base metals mineralization near Valaská Belá, Slovak Republic. (2)
Števko M., Sejkora J., Ozdín D.: Henclová - new occurence of pseudomalachite in the Slovak Republic. (1)
Uher P.: Columbite-tantalite from pegmatite near Ráztočno, the Žiar Mountains (Central Slovakia). (1)
Uher P. & Ondrejka M.: Britholite-(Y): a late-magmatit, Y-REE-bearing accessory mineral from A-type granite in Stupné neari Považská Bystrica, Pieniny Klippen Belt, morth-western Slovakia. (2)

Exposition "World of opals"


On 7. May 2009 was opened exhibition "World of opals" in Museum of Czech Paradise in Turnov (Čzech Republic).

Aragonite or calcite from Podrečany?


Prismatic, white crystals of aragonite, grouped to aesthetic radial aggregates were well-known from Podrečany, which is classic locality of aragonite in the Slovak Republic. Recent years was very uncertainties whether is it aragonite or calcite. X-ray powder diffraction analysis expressly showed on aragonite.

Articles about Slovakian localities and minerals in journal Minerál year 2008 


List of articles about Slovakian minerals and localities in Czech journal Minerál in year 2008 (in parenthesis is number of journal).
Ozdín D., Sečkár M., Števko M.: New finds of minerals from Pezinok, Malé Karpaty Mts. (6)
Plecer V.: Reminiscence on Kremnica. (6)
Števko M. & Bálintová T.: New finds of secondary minerals in base-metal deposit Mária-Margita at the Ochtiná. (3)

Steal of Aurora opal collection

14.2.2009 (photos of collection:

Identity of iridescent quartz from the Banská Štiavnica


Especially in year 2008 was found at the Banská Štiavnica very nice cluster of crystals of quartz (sometimes skeletal or sceptre quartz) covered by thin layer of iron oxides (limonite). Lately occured uncertainties about natural origin this thin film iron oxides on quartz crystals. Finds others collectors and EDX analysis shown natural origin these iridescent quartzes.

New powder diffractometer in Bratislava


New modern powder diffractometer (Bruker Advance D8) was installed in Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Mineralogy and Petrology.

New occurence of pegmatite in the Bratislava


New pegmatit was found between Karlova Ves and Devín (in Jesuitic forest) in Bratislava. Pegmatite was discovered by Peter Chudík - student´s of Comenius University, Faculty of Natural Sciences in Bratislava and it contains quartz, feldspar, albite, micas, beryl and Nb-Ta minerals (ferrotapiolite, ferrocolumbite, ferrotantalite, ferrowodginite).