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ineral shows in the Slovakia


Reference: Ozdín D., 2009-2015: Minerals of Slovakia.

Index of occurence in Slovakia:

    1. EXCEPTIONAL      1 - 2 localities
   2. RARE    
                  3 - 6 localities
         7 - 15 localities
   4. ABUDANT            
  15 - 50 localities
  > 50 localities

Identification rating of mineral in Slovakia:

 1. WELL IDENTIFIED - mostly combination at least 2 most distinguished analytical methods (X -ray diffraction and electron microprobe)

2. PARTIALLY-INDENTIFIED - mineral mostly analyzed, but for well identification is need to make another analyses

3. UNDERIDENTIFIED - mineral mostly identified only visual, often very problematic or fictive

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Minerals of Slovakia

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Fayalite, ferberite, ferrimolybdite, ferrisymplesite, ferroaxinite, ferrocolumbite, ferrotapiolite, fibroferrite, fichtelite, florencite-(Ce), fluorapatite, fluorite, foitite, forsterite, freibergite, freieslebenite, friedrichite, fülöppite.
Ferrisymplesite         Fe3+3(AsO4)2(OH)3·5H2O         amor.
Index of occurence in Slovakia: 1                                           Identification rating of mineral in Slovakia: 1
Type locality: Hudson Bay mine, Timiskaming district, Cobalt, Ontario, Kanada (Walker & Pearsons, 1924)
Oldest description from Slovakia area: Vyšná Boca (Ozdín & Chovan, 1999)
Localities in Slovak Republic (1) and identification rating (in parenthesis): Vyšná Boca - Rovienky (1)
Size: macroscopic
Largest crystal from Slovakia area: - (amorphous)
Botryoidal aggregate of ferrisymplesite from Vyšná Boca; field of view ~ 5 mm (Photo D. Ozdín)  
Notes: Ferrisymplesite was identified on the basis EDS spectrum and X-ray powder diffraction which suggest to its amorphous state.

Ozdín D. & Chovan M., 1999: New mineralogical and paragenetic knowledge about siderite veins in the vicinity of Vyšná Boca, Nízke Tatry Mts. Slovak GeologicalMagazine, 5, 4, 255-271.

Walker T. L. & Parsons A. L., 1924: Contr. Can. Min. University of Toronto, Geology Series, 17, 13-17.

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