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ineral shows in the Slovakia


Reference: Ozdín D., 2009-2015: Minerals of Slovakia.

Index of occurence in Slovakia:

    1. EXCEPTIONAL      1 - 2 localities
   2. RARE    
                  3 - 6 localities
         7 - 15 localities
   4. ABUDANT            
  15 - 50 localities
  > 50 localities

Identification rating of mineral in Slovakia:

 1. WELL IDENTIFIED - mostly combination at least 2 most distinguished analytical methods (X -ray diffraction and electron microprobe)

2. PARTIALLY-INDENTIFIED - mineral mostly analyzed, but for well identification is need to make another analyses

3. UNDERIDENTIFIED - mineral mostly identified only visual, often very problematic or fictive

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Minerals of Slovakia

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Jadeite, jacobsite, jalpaite, jamesonite, jarosite, jaskólskiite, jennite, jonesite, jordanite, jordisite, joséite-A, joséite-B, junoite.
Jacobsite         (Mn2+,Fe2+,Mg)(Fe3+,Mn3+)2O4         cub.
Index of occurence in Slovakia: 1   

Identification rating of mineral in Slovakia: 2?   

Type locality: Jakobsberg, Sverige (Damour, 1869 in Johansson, 1928)
Oldest description from Slovakia area: Dobšiná (Kouřimský, 1958)
Localities in Slovak Republic (1) and identification rating (in parenthesis): Dobšiná - Dobšinská Ľadová Jaskyňa (2?)
Size: macroscopic
Largest crystal from Slovakia area: 7.5 mm (Dobšiná; Ďuďa & Slivka, 1982 - according to picture)

Jakobsit - Dobšinská Ľadová jaskyňa

Jakobsite from Dobšiná deposit, SCAN; (Photo: D. Ozdín).  
Notes: According to latest electron microprobe analyses jacobsite from Dobšiná is magnetite.
Ďuďa R. & Slivka D., 1982: Minerály Slovenska 1. Pressfoto, Bratislava. (in Slovak)

Johansson K., 1928: Mineralogische Mitteilungen. Zeitschrift für Kristallographie, 68, 87-118. (in German)

Kouřimský J., 1958: Nerosty, II díl (Nerosty Slovenska). Orbis, Praha, 133 p. (in Czech)

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